• All You Need When Building In Mexico

    Get your “Building in Mexico” e-book that will show you the ropes to build your dream house in Mexico. Chapter One alone could easily save you thousands of dollars and months (if not years!) of wasted time. 100% Money Back Guarantee!!

  • There Are Differences Between Building In Mexico & Other North American countries

    My “Building in Mexico” e-book will help you be prepared so your South of the boarder dream home doesn't turn into a BIG South of the boarder nightmare.

  • Save Your Hard Earned Money

    Avoid costly mistakes by taking a few key precautions to ensure that your Mexican dream home will be built correctly and for a fraction of what it would cost to build in the US or Canada.

You DON’T Want To Hear A Man
Say "No Hay Problema"

Take advantage of my 14-plus years of experience building in Mexico. Trust me, I have seen it all... The unnecessary wasted time, money and frustration and even the downright scams that just go with the territory. All the nuances, oddities, and other things you would hope someone could have told before building.

You don't need to make the same mistakes or fall for the same tricks that I did... IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR, BEFORE YOU BUILT.

Get my 270-page e-book, "Building in Mexico" so that you will know how to handle those "peculiarities" and "unforeseen events" when you run across one.

If you are thinking or planning on building in Mexico, an important part is knowing exactly how much your project will cost. There can be a BIG difference in what a contractor, architect or engineer might tell you it will cost and what it could really cost in the end. My 270 page e-book will help you get it right the first time.

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of hard-working, skilled, ethical contractors who can build your dream home for a fraction of what it would cost to build in the US or Canada. There is more GOOD NEWS than BAD NEWS. This e-book is a comprehensive guide that will help you chose the correct team to save you from costly nightmares and building your south of the border dream home.

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Secrets for selecting the best property

Learn how to avoid earthquake zones and discover ten steps you need to take before selecting a property to ensure you won't get hit by BIG FINES even years later! Avoid the all-too common Mexican water shortages... address this BEFORE you start building or pay big time!

Save up to 27%

How to cut cost up to 27% from your total costs? Some have reported bigger savings up to 38%! Don't start building before you know the 3 types of Mexican construction contracts...which Mexican contractors like the most... and which one is best for your dream home project.

Choose materials wisely

Choose your construction materials wisely and know what type of materials to avoid when building in Mexico...read a personal horror story that will make sure you don't use them! Understand why you must insist on specialist contractors for tiling, painting and at least two other tasks!

Avoid big fines

Secure yourself from massive fines and keep the resale value as high as possible! "Building in Mexico" e-book comes with easy to follow "construction journal". Take advantage of my experience and glide through your project, getting it right and within budget the first time.

Project shutdown

Stay on the good side of the local "Sindicato" so that work on your dream home doesn't come to a grinding halt! Learn how to avoid your project getting shutdown or even seized within five years after it's built. And make sure you know what Seguro Social (IMSS) is...

How to choose the best construction sight

Navigate the "Ejido Land" minefield... Comes with a life-saving Spanish-English glossary, an illustrated tools guide, a Mexican building market catalog, and over 40 pages of sample photos and other guidelines to avoid construction nightmares!

What people are saying
“I am now pleased to report that the project you anticipated every difference, and because I knew how to think about problems in the Mexican way, we are within our projected budget and time table. I believe I will be happily posting the end result in a couple of month.”

Michael G. Brown

“Thanks to your tips on purchasing property, we took a second look at a property we were going to purchase this summer and decided to buy a different lot. Friends of ours ended up purchasing our initial pick and had to pay much more when building due to the site conditions.”

Vanessa and Carl Singer

“We completed our home on time and within our budget. This is the second time we’ve built a home in Mexico. Reading your book made me realize that there were ways to save money and time that I knew nothing about. I only wish I had read your book before we built the first time.”

Lee Grant